Corporate Acupuncture

Corporations looking to bring a stress reducing and health promoting service to their employees can have acupuncture services offered directly in the workplace. 














How can acupuncture help in the workplace?

  • Release tight, painful muscles in the neck, back and arms from sitting and typing on a computer all day.


  • Relieve the stress of meeting deadlines, staying at work late and long hours.


  • Keep energy high throughout the day, especially through the 3PM slump.



Available Sessions

  • Corporate Individual Acupuncture Sessions: These sessions are an hour long for each client.  Price based on office location, volume of clients, and if treatment table is available at location.


  • Corporate Community Acupuncture Sessions: These sessions are held in a quiet room for many clients at a time.  Treatment is given with each client seated in a chair, or on yoga mats on the floor.  Price based on office location and volume of clients.


  • Corporate Acupuncture for Health Fair Day: Our Health Fair Day Package is available for your company’s Health Fair Day.  Interested employees will receive a basic introduction to acupuncture, (which is a shortened community style acupuncture treatment) and informational material about acupuncture, nutrition and health.  Price is based on location of office and length of time there.



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