Body Listen Acupuncture offers the following services directly to individuals, as well as companies or groups looking to incorporate wellness services into their environments.


Individual Acupuncture Services

  • Initial Consultation – 90-minute session- Direct payment discounted price $150

       Every patient new to the practice will receive an initial consultation. During this session, we first 

       thoroughly go over your intake and history forms and discuss your current issues. After discussion and

       evaluation, you receive your first treatment.*


  • Individual Acupuncture Session – 60-minute session- Direct payment discounted price $100

       Each follow-up session will consist of discussing how your symptoms/issue were after the last treatment

       and if anything has changed. We then talk about your current state and address those concerns in the



Modalities used in Session

Each treatment is comprised of one or more of the modalities listed below. Modalities chosen will be based on patient's presentation, symptoms and needs each session.
















Acupuncture Needling

  • Thin, sterile, single use needles are inserted into the body to stimulate specific points, along specific meridians decided by your acupuncturist based on your symptoms. The needles help in moving your body's Qi (body's energy). The needles can help move stagnated energy or bring energy to a deficient area of the body. 


Non Needling Acupuncture

  • A  thin metal instrument called a teishin is used to stimulate the meridian points on the surface of the skin, based on symptoms.


Myofacial Trigger Point Release

  • Acupuncture needles are used to work on specific muscles to relieve pain and constriction. The needle is used to release the trigger point in the muscle, thus allowing the muscle to relax from a painful constriction (chronic or acute) due to an injury, overuse or daily activity.



  • Glass or plastic cups are placed on the body through gentle suctioning. This modality helps release and move stagnation in the body.


Gua Sha

  • A flat intrument is used to apply pressured strokes over lubricated skin. This modality moves and releases areas of stagnation from the body.


Tui Na Massage

  • A hand on massage technique utilizing pressure, traction and range of motion to release areas of tightness and move qi.



  • Moxabustion utilizes the heat released from burning the Mugwort herb in order to bring heat into the body to warm cold areas.


Heat Lamp Therapy

  • A standing heat-emitting lamp that hovers over the area on a patients body that needs warmth.



  • The needles are stimulated with a light current of electricity in order to increase blood flow, qi and endorphins. Electroacupuncture works well for pain relief.


Group Acupuncture Services

  • Acupuncture for Musicians and Festivals –

  • Acupuncture for Corporate Wellness Programs –


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