Acupuncture for Musicians

Acupuncture is available for musicians and crew at their studio, concert venue or stop-over location when on tour, if located in the NYC Metro and surrounding areas. Acupuncture can help

  • Relieve stress before or after a show.

  • Release sore muscles due to repetitive strain of playing an instrument, singing or physically performing.

  • Any condition that is exacerbated by being on the road.


Cost is based on location and number of clients.


Acupuncture for Festivals

Festivals for musicians, vendors and festival-goers can be hard on the body, especially when the elements (sun, rain, wind, cold) are involved.  Acupuncture can help:

  • Relieve the stress of planning, traveling and hauling gear to festival.

  • Help to maintain energy when dancing and walking long distances and good immune response when eating outside of regular diet.

  • Aid in regulating sleep patterns when off of normal sleep schedule.


Cost based on location and number of clients.

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